Your most precious digital camera regardless of the type you have needs to be properly protected. This is whether you’re using it or not. If you know how to use it and keep it in the right place, it should stay with you for a long time.

It is a must for digital camera owners to have a bag or case for their photographic device. There are so many brands, styles, sizes and colors available today hence, it should not be a problem looking for the right one for your gadget.

For the professional photographers and those serious in their photography hobby, there’s a type of case that’s ideal to have. Tenba has this wheeled case called the Roadie II Hybrid and is best for those who carry many accessories when they go out for a shooting session. With this type of bag, you just need to organize all your gear inside, close it and then pull it behind you while walking. What this means is you take off the burden from your shoulders giving you a hassle-free travel.

But there’s still more you need to know about this Tenba Roadie II. It’s also considered a hybrid camera case which means it can be used in several ways. When you unzip the rear part, there are harness straps that can be clipped onto the D-rings. Voila, you can then use it as a backpack. You can use it this way in case you need to go to somewhere rugged, bumpy and wet and the wheels won’t be of good use.

Meanwhile, those who own compact digital cameras can make good use of this new bag from Jill-e. This camera bag can even serve as a divider for larger bags. It’s referred to as an insert in the E-GO collection but it can be a simple standalone bag as well.

The manufacturer says this is ideal for women who want to bring along their cameras and accessories. This insert will enable them to still use their designer or stylish bag while bringing their photographic device. It can be used together with a tote, laptop bag or satchel.

Another brand that has a new camera bag is TrekPak. Its bag insert is unique because of the absence of the common Velcro. What it uses instead is the new pin system for adjusting the dividers. This makes it easy to take out what accessories you need fast unlike the Velcro which can stick and hard to pull apart. The pins used in TrekPak’s new bag insert are made from anodized aluminum while the bag is fully padded.

Finally, Timbuk2 has its snoop camera messenger bag that’s easy to carry around. It may look cool but you can be sure that your gear will be fully protected as the bag is fully padded. The bag can fit in a camera, its lenses and batteries. It can even carry a tripod using the adjustable straps on the bottom part. If you’re not bringing your camera, you can always remove the padded inserts and use the bag as a classic messenger.