Month: December 2018

Designer Laptop Bags

Laptop bags should function as durable holder of your most precious laptop. Some may look for something chic, funky, cool and classy. Some may want something plain and sturdy but what’s most important is that it should protect you precious laptop while keeping on the new trends of fashion. These days, designer laptop bags are well known for those who want to keep up with the fame, fashion and glamour. However, finding such laptops bags may be very pricey. So make sure that you can afford the designer laptop bags that you aimed to have. Designer laptop bags like Prada, Juicy Couture and Coach and others are now making their designs ultra stylish to be in demand in the market.

The Difference

They all come in different shapes, colors and sizes. You can even find anything that matches your outfit as well! Designer laptop bags are way more expensive than any other bags you can find for your laptop or notebook. Some may even be thrice more expensive than your laptop. Take Prada Ombre for an example, this cost over 1,000 dollars. It’s incredibly expensive but is really stylish which is adorned with a magnificent silver and gray gradient on a patent leather.

But don’t worry so much, not every designer laptop bag costs that much. Most of these are even priced reasonably. Finding one that costs 50 dollars for a designer bag is impossible, you must pay the rightfully designer’s price.

So if you want a real designer bag for your laptop, you better get ready with your bucks.

What are to be Considered

Most women buy their bag considering its appearance of course, and also its performance. A professional woman needs a kind of laptop bag that suits her job. It should be able to match your shoes and suit, but really, you should choose designer laptop bags that are based on its features first. It should most importantly, be fit to carry your laptop securely.

Aside from the width and length of the bag, the depth is also very important to consider because you must also include inside the accessories that you need for your laptop. I know one wouldn’t prefer a bulky bag, but your bag won’t serve its purpose if it won’t be able to accommodate all your stuffs inside. Practically, you might just want to carry only your laptop without other devices but it is highly advisable that you bring other stuffs like mouse, hard drives, AC adaptor and USB accessories. You may even bring notepads, pens, books and magazine at your own convenience.

Finding the Right Laptop Cases and Bags

With so many laptop cases and bags to choose from, picking the right one can be a little overwhelming. There are your standard laptop cases, which have just enough space for your laptop, some accessories like the mouse, software and even some important documents or software. There are also bags that combine a laptop case with a small sized suitcase, in case you are going on some kind of business trip. There are hard sided as well as soft sided cases, ones with wheels and telescoping handles, as well as just about everything in between.

Laptop cases and bags should not be confused with liner laptop cases. These usually thin protective sleeves slip over the laptop itself, and are used as added protection inside a regular case. Some of them are reduce the amount of static discharge that accumulates, and all of them are good at keeping an extra barrier between your precious portable computer and debris that seems to always find its way inside your bag.

When considering cases and bags, you should remember a few things. One of them is that you should always buy laptop cases that have extra pockets in them. It always seems that you are not carrying just the laptop, what if you need some software, a few DVD’s to watch, or important papers. While all laptop computers have their own built in mouse pad device, and internal speakers, some people prefer to use the standard mouse and want some extra sound, whether it is with external speakers, or with a set of headphones.

Another thing to think about is how much you will be using your cases and bags. If you do a lot of traveling, you know what it’s like to have to carry laptop cases around with you all the time. Even the lightest notebook, eBook reader, or other computing device can get heavy while standing in long lines, so many have turned to styles with a telescoping handle and a set of wheels on the bottom. If you are one of these, make sure that the handle extends far enough that you aren’t stooping when you are using it, and that the wheels are on casters that can spin in almost any direction.

Perhaps one of the biggest factors on buying these laptop cases and bags is cost. Some laptop cases can run you more that two hundred dollars, even many basic styles can run up to a hundred. You have to think about the materials, such as leather, which can drive these costs up. You may have to also pay extra for the wheels and handles. It is a good idea to really shop around for a good, high quality product that isn’t going to break the bank. The better the materials, the more features and extras it has, the longer it will last. You don’t want to buy a product that is too cheap, because you will have to replace it more often, which will cost you more in the long run.